Celia Guppy

Look great, feel fabulous and enjoy life

Celia's expertise in Styling will help you to: 

   Dress to flatter your body shape 

  • Recognise and emphasise your best features

  • Look slimmer or more curvy

  • Elongate your legs or torso

  • Create a balanced silhouette

  • Choose colours that complement you and lift your mood

Learning “how to dress to flatter your body shape” is full of great tips and will help you understand more about which shapes and styles flatter your natural body line and why, helping you to boost your confidence at every age.

Celia will empower you with the knowledge and confidence to know what suits you, so that you will only buy clothes that you really love to wear, saving yourself time and money in the future. 

How to Dress to impress at interviews or any other important occasions.

Celia will give you fantastic styling advice on how to look great and make a positive first impression so that you come across as your very best.

To look great and feel fabulous contact me today on 07971 675577 for an appointment.


This unique service is tailored to suit your needs on an individual or group basis.


One-to-one advice:  £40.00 per hour.

         (Full consultation takes 2-3hrs.)

Or Group advice: between 4/6 people. £50.00 per person for 2hrs.

A highly professional, confidential service whilst creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.