Celia Guppy

Look great, feel fabulous and enjoy life

Case Studies

Joanne: I'd always struggled with yo, yo dieting, emotional eating and a lack of confidence. 

I was fed up feeling fat and frumpy. I've spent years and a small fortune on dieting and other things that haven't worked and made me feel like a failure. 

I chose Celia because I felt like she  genuinely cared about helping others and I liked her holistic approach to health and wellbeing. 

I'd tried so many different approaches to weight loss and was fed up feeling like a failure so I booked an appointment to discuss my options with her.

As soon as I met Celia I felt relaxed and much more positive and focused about succeeding in what was important to me and my life.

I wanted to stop dieting and have a more healthy approach to weight loss and my general health. Together we worked out a plan that would help me to reach my personal goals.

I booked some NLP coaching which straight away helped me feel more positive and quickly focused and motivated me on how I could achieve a happier, more active and healthy life style and enjoy it. 

I also booked a 4 week one-to-one exercise programme specially designed for me and my needs. Which I can't believe I actually enjoyed but I did.

And a personal styling session where Celia showed me how certain shapes and styles help me to look slimmer, enhance my new found waist line. And how certain colours flatter me and lift my mood. I now know what suits me and why, which long term will save me lots of time, stress and money. Well worth the investment. I feel fantastic for the first time ever.

I now have fun going to regular Zumba classes, I've lost 10 lbs, toned up and feel much fitter and happier. I make time to cook yummy healthy foods that I really like eating. 

I'm getting compliments about how good I look and more importantly I have more energy and feel more confident in myself. It's improved my life in so many ways.

I would highly recommend Celia and her straightforward approach to helping you be your best. 

She has got me on track to living a good life and feeling good about myself. Thanks Celia, keep up the good work you are an inspiration.

Joanne - 34 years

Mark: I went to Celia after my wife passed away.

After 36 happy years of a blissful marriage I became a widow. I became depressed and didn't know how to cope with my loss. It was my daughter who made me an appointment to talk to Celia.

I'm usually not much for talking, however Celia helped me feel comfortable and I don't think I stopped talking. It was like a valve had opened and I couldn't stop it. 

It's not easy to explain how Celia helped me but I feel different. I allow myself sad times that's part of grieving, but I remember Elaine (my wife) with a smile on my face. She would not want me to mope around forever. So instead I'm going to look to the future and plan some family holidays with my daughter and grand kids, I've taken up fishing again and have gone back to playing golf and watching cricket with a couple of old work colleagues.

I now feel that life is worth living.

Celia has also restyled my hair and helped me choose some more 'with-it' clothes. I've been told I look younger which is flattering at my age.  

I can't say that I don't have moments of sadness because I do and that's only normal, but I also have moments of great joy.

I would highly recommend Celia to anyone who is struggling with life or wants some direction on how to be happy.

Mark - 58 years old

Amy: I suffered stress and anxiety when taking my driving test and sitting exams.

I went to Celia because although I am confident in some areas of my life, every time I went to take my practical driving test and sit my exams, I became stressed and suffered mild panic attacks. 

It was my grandma who already knew Celia as she is her hairdresser. 

After 2 NLP coaching sessions Celia helped me to overcome my fears and showed me how to be as confident and in control when taking my driving test and sitting exams as I am when I'm playing the piano.

It's also helped me gain confidence in public speaking, something I'd previously avoided. 

I'm amazed at how easy it was for me to change my thought process once Celia showed me how to.  

Thanks Celia. I've now passed my driving test, am looking forward to my dissertation and enjoy the freedom of my independence. Good job.

Amy - 18 years old

Anne:  Fear of flying.

I went to one of Celia's talks about 'look great, feel fabulous and enjoy life'. She talked about lots of interesting things like how a good hair cut or a new outfit can help you feel more confidence and happy in yourself. 

She also talked about NLP which sounded intriguing. Celia explained how she helps people with all manner of things. And how it can help people improve their health and happiness or overcome difficulties in their life

I knew Celia was someone I could talk to, so after her friendly talk, I quizzed her on my fear of flying. I have a sister in America who I have longed to visit for over 60 years.

Celia asked me a question: How much do you want to visit your sister? "Very much" I said. She made me smile because she told me I was already half way there and my good old fashioned determination would mean I could easily overcome it.

In one 2 hour session I knew I could fly. Almost literally I think. And the rest is history. 

I flew to Michigan and visited my sister for 3 weeks. I called Celia to let her know the good news. I've now booked another trip for next year for a 6 week holiday. 

Thank you Celia. I really feel the world is my oyster and life begins at 80.

Anne - 81 years old